PG Mutual's

Corporate Social Responsibility Pathway

At PG Mutual, we have been protecting our members for over 90 years and have a long tradition of being a socially responsible company. It is at the heart of what we do, and we’re continuously striving to implement and improve our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices and incorporate these initiatives and activities into our daily operations in a responsible and sustainable way.

Alongside this, we are fully committed to supporting our local and national communities, our staff, as well as protecting our environment whenever we can. Here is what we have achieved so far.

Supporting our Members Supporting our Staff Supporting our Environment Supporting our Community

Supporting our community

Newly launched -
PG Mutual Annual Charity Awards

From mental health to food poverty, PG Mutual has always aimed to support a broad range of charitable causes. But with so many invaluable charities out there, deciding which charities to support is an unenviable task.

To give our members – and the wider public – the chance to have their say, we have launched an Annual Charity Award this year and shortlisted a number of charities whose causes particularly resonated with us.

Our inaugural charity awards received a fantastic response. We are now pleased to announce that this year we will be supporting Shelter, The Alzheimer’s Society, FareShare and Young Minds each of whom will receive £1,000.

The shortlist for next year’s Annual Charity Awards will be announced later this year and we will conduct another vote to allow our members and the public to decide which charities we will support in 2022.

Feedback from Charities we've supported

We have continued to support a local charity, PHAB, which provides activities for children and young people aged 5 onwards in the St Albans area with disabilities. They also provide support for their friends and family.

Helping to tackle systemic poverty in the UK.

Following twelve months where many people were sadly made redundant, we have received a stark reminder of how easy it can be for anyone to fall into poverty – through no fault of their own. For more than 200 years The National Benevolent Charity has provided vital financial support to people of all ages and backgrounds living with financial hardship. Between 1st November 2020 and 31st January 2021, we started donating to The National Benevolent Charity for each new qualifying PG Mutual policyholder. We are delighted to report that this raised £3,450.

‘Time for Tea’ at Apex Care Homes

In 2020 PG Mutual provided Income Protection cover for Apex Care Homes staff. Like all care homes around the country, their staff look after the elderly and vulnerable members of our society.

The company have had to be extra careful to ensure staff do not bring the virus into any of their homes. This has been a stressful time for everyone within the organisation.

Apex Care homes, like all other care homes, have done a fantastic job for their residents, adapting, and improving the way they provide support.

As a small gesture and thank you to all the staff, who have worked extremely hard to keep everyone safe, we were pleased and happy to provide all their staff with cakes and biscuits. Mo Shaikh, PG Mutual Account Manager, delivered these to the homes recently, social distancing of course.

Supporting our Environment

Our ambition one day is to be a carbon neutral company. To help achieve this, we regularly review our energy supplier to ensure they have a strict renewable energy policy. We also now use 100% recycled paper for all of our mailed paper communications.

In the last three years, our Head Office lighting has become 85% more efficient as we now use LED lighting in all our offices.

We are always looking at ways we can reduce our environmental impact by increasing our recycling initiatives and use recycled materials purchased from responsible companies wherever possible.

When our staff started working from home in March 2020, we set about tracking the carbon we were saving as an organisation by scrapping the daily commute to work. To date, we have saved over 60 tonnes of CO2!

Do something small for the planet. Go ‘paperless’.

We are pleased to say that our postal communications use 100% recycled paper. But we want to do better. that’s why in 2022 we will be giving our policyholders the option to make a small difference to the environment by going ‘paperless’ and receiving their updates electronically.

Details of how to switch and do your bit for ‘Mother nature’ will be released soon.

‘Plant a tree’ Scheme

We know that woods effectively absorb carbon and need to be maintained and cared for; that’s why we launched our ‘Plant a Tree’ scheme in early 2021 and now donate to the Woodland Trust for each new qualifying member. Every £100 donated will help Woodland Trust care for enough woodland to capture and store around four tonnes of carbon.

So far, our total donation of £1215 in 2021 is equal to 48 tonnes of captured and stored carbon and continues to help create, protect and restore UK Woodland.

We have saved over 60 tonnes of CO2 since March when staff started working from home.
As part of our CO2 off-set programme we have purchased 20 trees so far from Carbon Footprint - watch this number grow during 2021!

Six quick wins to reduce your carbon footprint at home and save money too! Download PDF

Support for us all

We are always looking at ways to further support our members with additional member benefits as part of their membership, as well as investing in our staff so they can achieve their full potential.

Supporting our Members

  • As a mutual, we appreciate that it is not only important to protect your income but also to help support our members’ lifestyle and wellbeing in a truly holistic way.

    That’s why we offer additional supports at no extra cost to our members by providing access to services such as free health assessment and GP24 service.

    Read more here.

Supporting our Staff

  • We know how important our employees are, so we actively encourage our employees to engage and take accountability in their roles. That’s why we offer competitive rewards, training and health & wellbeing support and advice to our employees especially during the Covid-19 epidemic.

    We value our staff feedback which has resulted in our continued high level of service to our members.

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