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These testimonials are based on the experiences of the individual members and reflect only their personal views.

I would recommend them to anybody - it was a good service throughout a difficult time. It was very simple to understand. PG Mutual were very supportive - they phoned to see how I was.

Mr Brian Ranson
PG Mutual member

It was very efficient, they do what they say with no hassle.

Mrs C
PG Mutual member

I have had to claim a few times and the service was good everytime. It is quick and easy.

Miss Taylor
PG Mutual member

I have been with PG Mutual since I first became a pharmacist. Every claim I have made has been paid out on time and with no problems.

Mr Inderpal Virdee
PG Mutual member

I've been a member of PG Mutual for 30 years. Unfortunately I've had to make a couple of claims whilst self employed. They're so helpful and sympathetic, they have been absolutely amazing. It's well worth my while to be with PG Mutual. I have already recommended them to lots of people I know.

Mrs B
PG Mutual member

The customer service was fantastic, things got sorted pretty quickly, when I spoke to someone from PG they knew what was going on and everything was straightforward.

Mr Imraan Khan
PG Mutual member

I was very pleased - I thought it would be hassle and nearly didn't make a claim. However it was very straightforward, quick and efficient. My experience was very positive and I would tell that to any of my colleagues and friends.

Peter Hamilton
PG Mutual member

I found PG Mutual really helpful. It's nice to know there's back up in case you need time off work.

Cathryn Brown
PG Mutual member

They were absolutely fantastic, a first class service. They take all the stress away, especially when you are not well and feeling at your best.

Mr Ian Stern
PG Mutual member

PG Mutual are the best company out there on the market. Being mutual is beneficial.

Mr Raja
PG Mutual member

I own my own pharmacy, so have been self-employed for many years. I have had to make claims over the years and have got every confidence in PG. I would recommend them to friends and family.

Brian Johnston
PG Mutual member

It's a good thing to have in case you're sick. I don't know of any other company that does it. I would recommend to friends and family.

Mrs Elizabeth Ker
PG Mutual member

I've been with them 4 years and any time I've had to call up they have been very speedy and the process was easy.

An Optician from Glasgow

It is very straightforward, easy to use and easy to make a claim. I am very satisfied.

Dr Ahmed
PG Mutual member

They resolve everything so quickly, even over Christmas and with employment circumstances that weren't straightforward. There is always someone there to answer any query you have.

Linda Stewart
PG Mutual member

There were no arguments with the claim, the money came through regularly, there was no ducking or diving by PG Mutual, everything was excellent.

Rob Wells
PG Mutual member

I have been a member of PG for a number of years and used it primarily as a policy that would accrue some savings as well as provide some health cover benefits should I ever need them. I was young, energetic pharmacist and had run the London Marathon, so was fit, and I thought healthy. I had to use the PG scheme to cover my recovery from a heart attack, and can say that this was easy, very helpful and thoughtful from the outset. I only ever had to make one call and the rest just flowed, I was assigned a nurse who would call me every week or two and run through any issues I had and see where she was able to assist. It is a superb service, far superior to any other that I have encountered and I would not hesitate to recommended it to anyone. It will be the best investment you make.

Mr Lakhani
PG Mutual member since 1997

“It has been a wonderful way of ensuring continuity of funds should I fall ill during my working life. Thankfully I have not had to draw any funds from that insurance but it has served its purpose of peace of mind for my family – thanks”

Mr Mooring
PG Mutual member since 1991

"As a self employed Optometrist, I took out Income Protection with PG Mutual for peace of mind, but never really expected I would need it. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a serious illness, resulting in almost a year off work. The claims procedure was straight forward and efficient and the staff at PG Mutual friendly and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend this company and their Income Protection policy."

Miss Draper
PG Mutual member since 2011

"The problem with an accident is that it’s unexpected – which is why having cover is so important. I never imagined I would have to take 18 months off due to ill health – and without the income I received from my PG Mutual plan, my business would have closed down. PG Mutual made everything easy, dealing with my claim quickly and with minimal paperwork. I can’t speak highly enough of the service I received."

Mr Morrison
PG Mutual Member since 1993

"I find the cover from PG Mutual invaluable. I had a small claim for an injury which was dealt with swiftly and efficiently. The support and service was excellent."

James Butler
PG Mutual member since 2012

"Joining PG Mutual has been the best thing I have ever done and it has provided peace of mind for myself and my staff."

Asgher Mohammed
PG Mutual member since 1993

"PG Mutual has been a lifesaver – the staff are the most caring set of people I've come across and have always been there when I needed them."

Phillip Fenton
PG Mutual Member for 15 years, now retired

"I continue to find PG Mutual's service excellent and responsive to my needs. I am so glad PG Mutual exists and will continue to recommend you."

Rizwan Alibhai
PG Mutual Member since 1993

Around 300,000 UK workers fall into the welfare system because of health-related issues each year, with those on long-term sick leave missing out on £4 billion a year in lost earnings.

February 2016

An estimated 137.3 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury in the UK in 2016.

March 2017